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July 2023: Nerd poems will continue until morale improves

2023-07-31Matthew McClure

We're just going to make the poem a thing now. Bonus points to anyone that can reach back to high school literature and name the (attempt at) meter.

Oh no, I can't believe July is past,
October's conference is drawing near.
Demuxed talks pile high, in need of review,
And still there is so much that's left to do.

Ok, well the pile is high, but the review pile is even higher. We've crossed the 2000 reviews mark and counting, so yes, there's a lot left to do, but HUGE shoutout to the community members that have been reviewing redacted talks. Up next: we'll put together a panel that will meet and use the reviews to pick a schedule!

We've also got our first batch of sponsors in! We don't have logo resources yet so you won't find them in the email footer, but just to shout out the folks that have committed so far:

If you're interested in sponsoring too, shoot us a note, we'd love to chat!

Video Tech Week: SF (ok, name tbd)

I don't know if we're going to officially brand this thing or anything, but the week of Demuxed is shaping up to be quite the cornucopia of video technology events. There's stuff for people into standards, company advisory boards, open offices/meetups (here's last year), an HLS interest group, and, of course, Demuxed. As we get more information about them (and clearance from organizers!) we'll share them with the community, but everything we've seen so far is Monday through Thursday of that week.

For the last few (in-person) years we've done open offices/meetups the first night of the conference. Some folks just host happy hours, others have done a talk or two, but they've been a hit. If you're interested in hosting an event, shoot us a note!

The Wide World of Video

A/B testing for YouTube thumbnails is coming. Yeeeah I'm sure this won't make all those click-baity thumbnails less annoying, right?

Jio unveiled a $12 4G phone. For those of us that live in San Francisco, that means there's a world where you could choose between mediocre avocado toast and a 4G telephone. Nice.

Vizio is overhauling it's TV software's interface. Look, let's be honest, there's no love lost between the people delivering video and the outdated hardware we have to deliver to, but it's always nice to see it get some attention.

Back in 2015, Alex Converse asked “where's my wavelet codec.” Well, apparently it's back in the 3D world, babaaaay!

Meta added HDR video to Reels. Some of the images in this blog post are phenomenal, and a fantastic representation of just how big of a (beautiful) wrench HDR can throw into things.

TokenFlow: Consistent Diffusion Features for Consistent Video Editing. Yours truly is trained just enough in this space to know that “diffusion” means “something, something AI.”

Zoom added AV1. Some days we may all look at our calendars and dread the wall of video calls, but this is a nice win for AV1 in terms of adoption.

Some of us were too young to have personally known Video Toaster as Amiga's star, but we can all appreciate the marketing glory throughout this post. Let's bring back these vibes.

Hey neat: a python script for calculating bitrate statistics. I was interested until I saw that gorgeous plot output, and then I remembered I resent Python for having all the nice things (also fyi, the library is called Plotille).

Upcoming meetups

8/2 - Seattle Video Tech

8/24 - Denver Video Tech (not announced yet)

8/31 - Kitchener-Waterloo Video Tech

8/31 - SF Video Technology

9/9 - Cloud Native Media

10/12-14 - RTC.ON

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