About Demuxed

Who are we?

Demuxed is simply engineers talking about video technology. After years of chatting about video at the SF Video Technology Meetup, we decided it was time for an engineer-first event with quality technical talks about video. We started with a meetup in SF, then ran our first Demuxed, and now there are meetups all over the world! It doesn't feel like much of a stretch to say we're the best damn global community for developers working with video technology. If it is a stretch, we're saying it anyway. 😝

Who's organizing this?

For the conference itself and things like this site, most of the behind the scenes is done by folks from Mux (Demuxed came first ☝️) but none of this would be possible without amazing people from the community.

Meetups and events are all run by fantastic local organizers from companies across the industry. We can't take credit for all of the hard work the organizers do, so think of it more like a loose coalition of esteemed colleagues. We share speakers and content when it makes sense, talk to each other for support, and sometimes Demuxed will pick up the tab for some beers and pizza.

If you're thinking about starting a new meetup, shoot us an email! We'll send you a writeup of things that have worked (and not worked) for other folks, we'll pick up the tab for the first event's food/drink, and we'll even try to help find you a speaker (even if we have to import one!).

Our guiding principles

No Marketing

Speakers are selected based on merit, not how much money their company paid. To be clear, that means speaking slots aren't for sale. Attendee information is also not for sale, and that includes any sponsors.


We want anyone in the industry to be able to come, keeping tickets reasonably priced through amazing sponsors and backing from our employers. Working on a great open source project that can't afford to send you? Please reach out.

For everyone in the industry

In keeping with our love for reasonable standards, we've adopted the Conf Code of Conduct for the event. Any questions or concerns, please speak to any of our voluenteers or organizers. Or email us directly.