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2023 Talk submissions are open and Phil makes a bad ingest protocol joke

2023-04-27Phil Cluff, Matthew McClure

Well hello there! It's the April newsletter, although technically you'll probably get it in May. Some general newsletter-specific notes before we jump into the rest of this one:

Normally all of this is buried in the footer/postscript of these emails, but since we're entering Demuxed SZN we thought we'd give newsletter logistics their moment in the spotlight.

Whoa Demuxed 2023 has a landing page and everything now: go submit talks

We mentioned the dates in the last newsletter (October 24-26), but it always really feels real when the landing page drops. This year's design was artisanally hand crafted by Matt. We say that to say: if you're wondering why it doesn't look as good, it's not because our usual designer is losing their touch, it's because we wanted to get the v1 live.

You can go submit a talk now, or shoot us an email if you're interested in sponsoring. Some other quick hit deets if you missed the last newsletter:

Wide World of Video

RunwayML announced their new Gen 2 generative video service.

Ever wondered what horrid exploits there are out in the wild within H.264 decoders? Wonder no more by reading this slightly terrifying paper from The University of Texas at Austin.

Want to generate custom videos for every user, but only know javascript? Well good news, with a little duck tape (AKA FFmpeg), and this tutorial, you're all set!

AMD have announced a media accelerator card that can encode AV1 at 1W per stream, we're eager to see it side-by-side with NETINT! (My mailbox is always open for samples…)

Our friends at Pion sneakily announced that Twitch now supports Indiana Jones' favourite ingest technology, WHIP.

Just because someone gifts you a 24 year old iconic webcam, you're obliged you to write a driver for it, right? This guy did.

Remember that old Simpsons episode where Homer's hearing is damaged and can't hear that hilarious joke that Marge tells? Yeh me neither, but through the magic of modern technology, now we can all laugh at that joke.

And last but not least, I'm legally obliged to hype ChatGPT at least once in each email, so here it is, running FFmpeg commands with eerie accuracy.

More 4K VVC vs AV1 vs HEVC benchmarking from 🍟 and 🧀

Upcoming Meetups

May 3 - Seattle Video Tech - In-Person Gathering

May 7-10 - Mile High Video

May 9 - London Video Tech - The return of mmcc - S07E02

May 18 - Cloud Native Media - #7 and SMPTE UK

May 25 - SF Video Tech - Meetup

May 25 - Kitchener-Waterloo Video Technology - Meetup

June 7 - Seattle Video Tech - In-Person Gathering

June 14 - Berlin Video Tech - Round 9

June 15 - Denver Video Tech - Meetup

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