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Hold some dates, NAB is nigh, and Phil found some London content

2023-03-13Jared Smith, Matthew McClure

Turns out we missed February. Sorry about that. Months are hard, but especially the shortest ones.

Beep beep, there are already Demuxed 2023 updates!

Demuxed 2023 save the date(s)!

Week of October 23rd, San Francisco. We're back at Bespoke, but this time we're going to get started *after***** the mall opens to avoid that weird “one entrance with a callbox” situation. Because that means not opening our doors before 10am, we're considering adding a half day to kick things off, making it a 2.5 day event where we can have a little more breathing room in the schedule (we really do read every review!).

All of that being said, please consider marking your calendars as busy for October 24-26.

Going to NAB? We'll see you there!

We're keeping the tradition going with our NAB meetup at the usual spot, Millennium Fandom. Do you have to dress up in cosplay to come? No. Would you fit in in the bar if you did? Yes. It's a great excuse to get off the main strip for a bit and have some fun with fellow video nerds. Also, there are tacos (or some food, but I'm pretty sure it's tacos).

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“It's been a hot minute.” There's a new podcast ep. Get it while it's juicy. We're going to try and do these kinds of weird-world-of-video roundups at least monthly, but we still want to do our usual episodes with guests. If you want to join for an episode or intro us to someone we should chat with, reply to this email!

Wide World of Video

London Video Tech just found a load of cutting room floor content from 2021 behind the sofa - check the playlist on their YouTube channel!

Our friends at NS1 got acquired by 👁️🐝Ⓜ️ - Congrats to everyone involved! Everyone knows the old saying, “no one gets fired for getting bought by IBM.”

Does your 480p video look fuzzy to you? Well good news, your friendly neighbourhood browser will soon magically upscale them using super resolution for you.

Did you know that ads in Disney+? are powered by SGAI? (It's ok, we'll wait until you Google the acronym) Check out Amit's latest blog post on how SGAI differs from SSAI and CSAI!

Youtube are trialing “premium” 1080p. We all love it when someone increases the bite-rate.

Someone figured out they can use YouTube as the most inconvenient-but-infinite storage platform. Really, though, how fun is that as a hack though?!

Want to see how the video industry is going to get high in May? The Mile High Video technical program is now available!

Upcoming Community Events

Ok some of these already happened by the time this newsletter is going out, but leaving them in here so you can join a community near you for next time! LOOK AT ALL THESE MEETUPS!

3/14 - London Video Tech Meetup - #EXT-X-PROGRAM-DATE-TIME:𝝅

3/16 - Melbourne Video Technology (They're BACK!)

3/16 - Milan Video Tech

3/22 - Barcelona Video Tech Meetup - Spring Tech Talks

3/22 - Cloud Native Media (London)

3/27 - Kitchener-Waterloo Video Technology

3/28 - NYC Video Tech

3/30 - SF Video Tech


4/13 - PDX Video Tech

4/18 - NAB Demuxed Meetup

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