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Welcome to 2023, everyone

2023-01-26Jared Smith, Matthew McClure

Ask yourself, what's more important to you — being right, or being consistent? If being right is more important, then this November December newsletter is obviously landing in your inbox in December January. If being consistent is your thing, however, then we're bringing you the latest installment of your favorite video-related news and information in a relatively consistent fashion.

Before we get too far into the newsletter, I'd just like to make one more shout-out to the amazing team that produced Demuxed 2022. We had an amazing conference, and it wouldn't have happened without a lot of hard work from our organizing team, our amazing speakers, and our generous sponsors. I've attended a lot of conferences in my career (more than I care to admit in public, definitely), and Demuxed is one of the absolute best.

Speaking of Demuxed 22

The biggest news of this newsletter if you haven't already seen them: The talks are up on YouTube! There's at least one other video that isn't up yet (our special guest), but you can enjoy the rest of them in all their glory. If you notice that a lot of the slides have very night-shifty vibes, it's definitely not because the presenter laptop had it turned on. 😅

Still want the Demuxed '22 t-shirt? You're in luck! You can buy a t-shirt directly from CustomInk and all the proceeds will go directly to Girls Who Code. They handle all the logistics, so hopefully this let's us avoid Phil getting boxes of swag returned to his home for the next ~12 months. Look I'm not saying anyone should do this, but mailing him shirts and pretending they're returns would be pretty funny.

Wide World of Video - Speaking of FFmpeg, building filtergraphs from scratch can be painful and fraught with confusion. This website gives you a visual tool to wire up filtergraphs for FFmpeg, without having to remember the complex filter syntax.

AMD adds AV1 encoding to their latest line of cards - I'm thrilled to see more hardware encoding support for the AV1 codec, like that from the latest line of video cards from AMD.

An MP4 file - Need a quick visual guide to the bits and bytes inside an MP4 video container? The creative image in this tweet makes an excellent reference!

The first ever video public torrent in VVC/h266. Yeah, it's a little contentious posting a link to r/piracy to this group, but still, that top comment, tho: “The above movie took, get this 11 days to encode, yes, at 720p preset slow. Yeah, that preset name really speaks for itself..”

Amazon/Twitch is getting sued over an HTTP live streaming patent. No, not HTTP Live Streaming, but live streaming over HTTP. Yes, these same folks tried this with Apple and lost already, so… If at first you don't succeed, troll, troll again?

Big Buck Bunny in 4k 60fps on Twitter. “oh interesting, Elon already added 4k 60fps support?” you may be asking yourself. No, this gets so much weirder than the headline implies, and is an extremely fun hack.

Upcoming Meetups & Events

01/25 - Video Tech TLV - Video Tech Meetup (yes, it was tomorrow, but welcome back, Video Tech TLV!)

1/26 - SF Video Tech - NOTE: this one's at the Twitch office tonight!

1/26 - PDX Video Tech

1/31 - Kitchener-Waterloo Video Technology

2/1 - Seattle Video Tech

2/15 - Sydney Video Tech

2/* - MonteVIDEO summer camp

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